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PARROTHORSE Design - Louisville, KY - About

Hi, we are Ana and Alex, founders and owners of Parrothorse Design LLC, we design and collect furniture and home goods. We are located in Louisville, KY.

The company offers products with a unique mixture of contrasting characteristics that harmoniously connect contemporary and antique, past and present, new technologies and traditional craftsmanship.

The parrot and the horse symbolize Ana and Alex’s cultures and upbringings: Colombia and Kentucky. The parrot is tropical, stylish and resourceful; the horse represents functionality, tradition and timelessness. All of these characteristics inspire our designs and shape our products. This leads to broader creative possibilities that speak to today’s diverse global society. Parrothorse delivers stylish, high quality furniture, and home goods.

Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Our design services can include things like the ones listed below, but we don’t confine ourselves to a limited use of our design expertise.  We also believe that each of our clients and projects have different needs that have to be addressed, and aren’t necessarily on this list.

  • Custom furniture design & fabrication

  • Design consultation

  • Design drawings | Two-dimensional (plan & elevation) | Three-dimensional (renderings)



Ana designs, develops and manages custom-made furniture and interior design projects that are mainly for residential spaces. As an independent designer, she creates innovative furniture pieces by finding the best alternatives that blend the customer’s specific needs, budget and the manufacturers’ capabilities. With a simple but bold approach, her designs are practical, colorful and unpretentious.

Click here to see some of my previous work.


Alex specializes in both the digital and physical worlds of idea realization. Whether that involves digital representation, physical models, large scale prototypes, construction documents, project management, interior design, custom cabinetry, custom furniture, limited edition personal designs, etc. Like his grandfather, Alex is also passionate about collecting, refinishing and fixing antique and vintage furniture pieces.